Revolves Around Me

a podcast about the intercept of two things that think they’re the center of the universe, religion and millennials

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A Bonus Conversation With Becca Alper
#5: When They Go Low, We Go Bahá’í
#4: Around The World
#3: Born This Way
Bonus: Baptists, Homeschooling and Snake Handling
#2: Love Trumps Faith
#1: Bye Bye Bible
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Max Barnes


Max was baptized Catholic at the age of one and grew up with a Filipino mother and an American father. He graduated from UCLA, lives in San Francisco, and is still formulating his own beliefs about higher powers.

Brian Benton


Brian had a trifecta of big moments with Judaism recently, which included visiting the two functioning synagogues in Bulgaria, talking about Germany with his grandmother who survived the Holocaust, and watching Transparent. He is from California and now lives in Brooklyn.


Revolves Around Me is a podcast about the intercept of two things that think they’re the center of the universe, religion and millennials.

Today, one-fifth of all Americans and one-third of young Americans identify as religiously unaffiliated. These numbers are higher than any time in recent U.S. history and continue to grow. Still, from abortion rights and gay marriage to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and 2016 Election, it’s impossible to avoid religion. So why are people drifting away from it and more importantly, avoiding talking about it. What has made religion such a polarizing topic?

In this podcast, we’ll try to understand why the number of millennials who identify as religious is smaller than any other generation and how that affects our day-to-day lives. Through conversations, interviews and stories, we hope to decipher the changing role of religion in the lives of young people in America.

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